5 minutes with Rad Hourani

A revolutionary artisan who has created a new level of style within the industry, Rad Hourani and The Cartel celebrated the designers latest exhibition '5 years of unisex'. Here at TFH, we got an insight into the world of Rad Hourani, prior to their one year anniversary.

What intrigued you to design unisex? After school I became a stylist and tried to understand the different fabrics, colours and shapes together. Then I moved to Paris, and saw that there was a gap in the market, there was a missing garment that had a raw and organic style to it, and thats where it all began.

Does your culture influence you? Growing up in different cultures has influenced the way I work. As beings we are all the same, we just programme and function differently. I think I'm from everywhere and nowhere. Today my home is Dubai, because I'm here, but next week it will be Paris.

How has the process been? Everything I did throughout the process has been very organic. I worked in Canada with Phoebe Greenberg at first, and wanted to create something easily travel-able which could be showcased everywhere. Its been showcased and going to be showcased in Berlin, Dubai, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, China. Overall, the process was very organic and not planned in any way.

Describe your personal style. Timeless, I love that you can still look at my clothes in the future and they will still be timeless. And thats one of my proudest moments to see how timeless my '5 years of unisex' collection/exhibition is.

Photo Credit: The Cartel