Abu Dhabi Art 2014

Earlier this week, art fanatics gathered for the annual celebration of the capitals art fair, Abu Dhabi Art. If you follow us on social media you would have seen that we were corresponding live from the event, where we got to witness the beauty of what Abu Dhabi is becoming through the language of art.

In it's sixth edition of Abu Dhabi Art, the week long event (including press previews, VIP openings etc.) brought together 'regional and international audiences to participate in the countries progression as a leading cultural destination'. Connecting artists, galleries and collectors together, the fair embraces Abu Dhabi's essence of being a crossroad of change and exchange. Aiming to provide an insight into the vibrancy of the cities art community, ADA enables an interaction and a world beyond just art.

Showcasing the diversification in both Middle Eastern and Western art, thought provoking talks were held such as a very influential discussion from Brazilian artist, Ernesto Neto, who introduced himself through the medium of chanting, which was anything but ordinary (it was possibly the best thing we’ve ever seen). As well as an intriguing speech from renowned influencer, Jean Nouvel.

Commending another milestone of Abu Dhabi’s cultural and artistic development, we put together a short documentation of our time during the annual event (Filmed with a Canon Legria Mini X). For more information visit www.abudhabiart.ae

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