Celebrating Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby

There's not much more that we love in life than Raf Simons and Mahani, so a night to celebrate the two for the Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby collaboration was perfect. Not conforming to the generic identities of fashion and art, both Raf and Sterling formed a friendship over their love of rebellion, punk and teenage nostalgia. Beginning their design venture in 2009, Belgian Raf and American Sterling produced a capsule denim collection with the main vocal point being Sterling’s infamous bleach work. Since, the duo has teamed up in early 2014 for another collection, this time being for Raf’s line ‘Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby’ focusing on consumerism, globalisation and reckless abandonment. Here’s a 63 second video to sum up our celebration of the brillance. (Clothes courtesy of MAHANI, Venue at The Third Line.)

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