Marina Abramovic X Costume National

For the past six months artist Marina Abramovic, and the Costume National’s creative director, Ennio Capasa has created an interactive experience for Abramovic’s annual performance ‘Heaven’ at The Art of Elysium. The artist states ‘The genius of his aesthetic resides in his deep understanding of human forms and the flow of energy that fuels the creative process," she said. "Ennio and I do different things, but somehow we manage to connect with people in the same way."

Benefiting a charity gala, the event will be debuting on January 10th in Los Angeles, ensuring Abramovic’s infamous artistic notion is provided to the event’s host committee; James Franco, Eva Mendes and Kirsten Dunst as well as the public themselves. Capasa said, “Collaborating with Marina is a dream! She is a magic woman, a great friend and a unique artist, with profound human insight and sensitivity.”

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