The Face Edit: Zoe Kravitz

Scenario: When you have a man thats a rockstar and a woman thats an actress, its basic science that their offspring will turn out somewhat head turning, thus, introducing Zoe Kravitz. 48 chromosomes later, and 26 years down the line, Kravitz has provided the new generation with an innovative outlook on life, beauty, fashion and even Instagram. With the DNA of a Saint Laurent wearing father, Zoe has become notoriously known for her look, and not conforming to the traditions of todays celebrity driven era. When it comes to beauty, the beauty herself says ' My theory is, when your skin is good, you can be confident and you don't have to wear make up' SNAP. Although, abiding by the traditions of being a girl, Zoe states ' If I'm going out at night, I'll do more make up, I do like a cat eye. Sometimes I'll do a classic red lip or a dark brown, but its more work to keep it together as the colour wanders'. The genetically cool actress, turned model turned all round cool girl has become our current face obsession- insert praise emoji here.

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