The Guide to Parisian hair: The Caroline De Maigret Edit

Images: Into the gloss

There’s a million and one reasons why Caroline De Maigret epitomizes everything that the French are- chic. Maigret’s main asset? Her bedhead hair. Often seen captured on the streets with her wind swept locks, the ‘How to be Parisian’ author, swears by the open air and mother nature as the key to her signature look “ I let my hair air dry and then I scrunch it up”. Maigret spoke to giving the low down on her five rules on ‘The guide to French girl hair’-

Rule #1: “The more supermarket the shampoo, the better the hair locks. I don’t know why it just does.”

Rule #2: “French women never put conditioner in the hair. It makes it straight and flat.”

Rule #3: “After you get out of the shower, don’t touch it. No hair dryer, nothing- just let the air do it naturally.

Rule #4: “ Don’t brush it. Also, Parisian girls walk a lot, which makes the hair a little messy from the wind.”

Rule #5: “Sometimes if you put dry shampoo, it gives it a cool texture, instead of washing it everyday”

Try this for a week, if you have no resemblance to the model’s hair, move to Paris.

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