5 minutes with Scarlett Rouge

As a visionary, creator and all round interesting artist, Scarlett Rouge joins TFH for a talk about her life, her inspirations, her parents and why everyone wants to be as chic as the French. Based between Paris and LA, the multi medium artists takes five minutes of her busy schedule to answer the below.

Image: Scarlett's own

What’s the typical day in the life of Scarlett Rouge? Breakfast while watching “Democracy Now,” yoga, meditation among trees while walking my dog, art working, lunch, maybe a quick nap, definitely more art working, and then deep reflection before bed.

Does your art represent todays happenings in the world? This really depends on the context of what I am making. Yet, I have to admit, like most artists, it is almost impossible to eliminate my critical eye, whether socially questioning or spiritually endeavoring, from anything I am creating.

Are you more creative in the day or night? Again this depends on what I am working on, day time is mainly for painting and sculptural work-basically manual labour, while something like writing or conceptualizing, I am more inspired to do at night.

Where’s the place when you feel most creative? Creative space is an ethereal place. Having a nomadic spirit, I am often on the road, in the past the hardest part of constantly being in motion is adjusting to the new surrounding or the arena I call my “studio,” with time and practice I’ve learned to be creative on my feet, and perhaps more importantly I’ve come to understand it’s not where I am but my state of mind (or emotional well-being) that really matters.

Images: StylelikeU

Where’s the place when you feel most beautiful? The easy answer is in the arms of my loving partner, the second is the daily disciple of feeling good in my own skin, thirdly the exhilaration of artistic satisfaction, which is always momentary and inevitably leads to further questioning of how I can express more beauty in this sometimes sorrowful world.

Is fashion or art more important to you? They are both equally important, one keeps me warm while the other warms my heart, and vice versa.

Why are the French so chic? I don’t know if I can speak for the French in general, however Parisians do like to wear a constant grimace while displaying their judgmental airs about them, which keeps everyone on their toes to impress. Or perhaps I can be more kind and say it is because of their beautiful history and tradition of artful aesthetics.

Silver or gold? Definitely both, you wouldn’t enjoy the moon as much if the sun wasn’t reflecting its glow upon it. Nor could we worship the sun’s light if there was never any dark night.

Your mother Michele is a style icon and visionary and your stepfather, a revolutionary fashion designer, how has this influenced your life as an artist? Don’t think I could answer this in five minutes, gratefully, I would have to add many handfuls of names to the plethora of inspirational beings that have given me the strength to be myself. Nonetheless, the greatest gift I have received from Michele and Rick is the unwavering support and belief that my artwork is valuable and deserves that time and effort to be expressed.

Four things you can’t live without? Things have this nasty habit of coming and going, especially when you are always moving them about. I suppose my most cherished things are the books I am reading, notebooks to write my ideas in, face and body oil, and my always handy dental floss.

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