What to expect from Coachella 2015

As the festival season rolls in, the kids are lining up outside Forever 21 to get their floral headbands and fringe jackets at the ready. The ultimate festival that is always clogging up our Instagram feeds with the notorious Ferris wheel, the occasional selfie and lots and lots of forced fun is…..Coachella. With acts such as Drake, Hozier and some other indie bands that are too cool to pronounce, here’s a 60 second low down on what expect from the festival of all festivals-

  • Vanessa Hudgens looking extremely bohemian, courtesy of Forever 21 and some ‘vintage’ store she doesn’t remember the name of.

  • Less selfies, as the Coachella team have officially announced no selfie sticks are allowed in.

  • Lykke Li perfoming- count yourself lucky, seriously.

  • The Californian weather in all its glory.

  • Silver jewelry- it seems everyone digs out the coolest, most jingly jewels when Coachella season hits.

  • The occasional celebrity that has dressed up like Kate Moss circa her Glastonbury days.

  • An increase in sales of kaftans

  • Mermaid hair at its finest.

  • Jared Leto looking super cool in Saint Laurent.

  • Your Instagram feeds to be clogged full of #Coachella.

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