How not to look basic: The Rick Owens AW15 Edit

The master of making black the new black has once again gloriously satisfied our needs of wanting more Rick possible.

A homage to sculpting his dark outlook on fashion, Rick Owens created a collection based around the notion of 'Sphinx and 'pressure built up in silent vessels filled with energy'. With a sense of freedom of identity, Owens' carefully crafted fundamental wear with a twisted concept in it's sculpture and asymmetric hems. For AW15, Owens stemmed looks from his Adidas collaboration with the obligatory monochrome sneakers, but updated them in a more futuristic format, leading us to already reach for our credit cards. Dollying with the movement of fabrics this season, Owens provided a gateway of diversity and dynamism for the colder seasons, through the use of turtle necks, leather coats and loosely fitted garments. With an amalgam of tribal-esque features such as the open drapery and some what warm colour palette, the collection has been described as a 'good example to other designers'. An empowering collection that engages a sense of juxtaposition between the roughness of the clothes, and the softness of the manufacturing of those clothes, its clearly been done by a pure genius. Yet again, we praise Rick Owens for keeping the movement of non-linear and unconventional clothes going.

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