Louis Vuitton is cool, again

There was a set period of time where Louis Vuitton was the ‘it’ brand to trend, speedys, luggage carriers and wallets were the new toys that every girl wanted to play with- expect the price tag of these toys had a few extra zeros on the end than your average Barbie. I distinctively remember the coloured monogram, which we all know put the tacky in tacky. Although, listed by Forbes as one of the ‘Most Valuable Brands’, Louis Vuitton has had its fair share of counterfeits, fads and occasional rap mentions, cue Kanye. Okay now stop Kanye, and fast forward to 2015. Put Freja Beha Erichsen and Jennifer Connelly in front of the camera holding the new collection, and you have the new Louis Vuitton. Innovative, trendy and dare I say cool, the brilliance of Nicolas Ghesquiere has brought a new level of style and creativity to the house, breathing a breath of fresh air to the what was once a very ‘safe’ brand. Victorian collars, leather skirts and the ultimate ankle boots, Louis Vuitton may have cleared all the check boxes for rebranding itself to the new generation. With every girl in sight once owning an LV bag, we often found ourselves saying ‘Oh it’s that Louis Vuitton bag’, but since March 2014, our mouths speak: ‘Oh, that’s a Louis Vuitton bag?’. Lesson learnt: Louis Vuitton is cool again.

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