Why Yayoi Kusama is the world's most popular artist

The genius behind the light room, aka the Saint Laurent room, has been awarded the ‘Most popular artist in the world’. Japanese eccentric and priestess of polka dots, Yayoi Kusama has nabbed the title for her ‘Infinite Obsession’, which attracted the world’s biggest audience in 2014. Slicker than your average 86 year old- her brightly coloured orange hair being one reason, the artists non linear creative process consists of merging the senses of a human together and producing utter brilliance. Often describing herself as ‘The Modern Alice in Wonderland’, here are five facts you probably didn’t know about Yayoi:

1. Yoko Ono considers Kusama to be a major influence in her life.

2. The indie band ‘The Boy Least Likely To’ made a song dedicated to the artist, for her work and the fact that she puts her fears into it.

3. Another indie band, Superchunk, included a song on their album called ‘Art Class, song for Yayoi Kusama’.

4. Her artworks are the visions of her hallucinations, which she’s had since ten.

5. She had a make up collaboration with Estee Lauder in 2011. Considering the art industry is (yet) another male dominated environment, there’s a sense of irony to Kusama’s winning. The artist, who has not only worked in art, but also has introduced herself into the fashion industry via Marc Jacobs in 2012, as he was “captivated by her endless energy”. Kusama produced a capsule collection for the French fashion house of Louis Vuitton, which consisted of her signature style using polka dots and graphics. Although, now in a mental institute in Tokyo, Yayoi Kusama still insists on producing revolutionary art from her ‘home’ which she has decorated in none other than…wait for it…POLKA DOTS!

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