5 reasons to listen to Okay Kaya

Video: Damn Gravity

Another Scandanavian discovery that can be added to our Instagram feeds and SoundCloud playlist is Okay Kaya, the 23 year old singer that's become the person to listen too. Making you feel instantly cooler merley by listening to her coolness, the New York based, Norwegian singer has created a new level of sound with her melodic themed songs. Here's five reasons why you should switch off everyone else, but her.

  1. Her music actually makes sense, unlike the rest of the 21st century top 40 charts.

2. Her psychedelic sound relaxes you, seriously, have a pillow on hand.

3. Her music videos are realistic- no glossed faces and ball gowns needed.

4. She's a natural beauty- rare.

5. She's only 23, meaning our ears have a lot more brillance to hear

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