5 minutes with Moez Achour

The culture of street style has become somewhat one of the most superficial and evolving industries of the 21st century. Some desperate to be noticed, some just naturally walk the streets so graciously, and some photograph those moments so beautifully the rest of the world can live vicariously through them. One of those photographers? 27 year old Moez Achour. Tunisian born photographer and Creative Designer, Achour talks to TFH about the current state of Dubai's fashion scene, travelling the world to document Fashion Week and all the madness that comes with it.

How many coffees does it take for you to wake up in the morning? It depends on the morning and what I have to wake up for, but usually just one starts me off for the day.

How did you become a photographer and start travelling the world for Fashion Weeks? I used to work in advertising before and I always got this passion for fashion photography, especially street style. One day I got tired from the advertising world so I just bought a camera and started uploading on my blog.

Living in Dubai, do you find it challenging to take street style photos, as the city is still at its early stages of becoming a fashion hub? Actually yes it’s challenging, it’s always a bit hard to do street style photography somewhere where people are not familiar with the discipline, and somewhere where almost all the events are inside or during the night. It’s not about it becoming a fashion hub or not, it’s more cultural, it’s more about the relation between people and style and people and photography.

5 words to describe fashion in Dubai? Potential, safe, future, hopeful, platform.

What’s the key to taking a great street style photo? There is not really a key for that (thank god), but I think a knowledge of fashion is essential.

The best and worst thing about doing Fashion Week? The best thing is the concentration of the stylish people in square feet, and the huge number of the exciting moments when you get a cool picture. The worst is leaving your home and your family for a month.

Top 5 people to photograph? Sarah Harris, Christina Centenera, Sofia Guellaty, Anya Ziourova, Gilda Ambrosio.

Do you personally feel as a photographer, that with the rise of how commercial the street style culture has become, ‘influencers’, ‘bloggers’ and other ‘socialites’ are getting too much recognition from it? Yes true, street style is a big part of the fashion industry, especially for the web part, and everybody tries to take advantage from it. I don't know if it’s cool for us or not but we will see what’s going to happen in a few seasons.

There seems to be an obvious ‘street style photographers crew’ at Fashion Week with the likes of Adam Katz Sinding, Nabile Quenum, Julien Boudet etc, do you feel there is rivalry between you as you all share the same occupation? Yeah a cool rivalry, a positive one, a funny one, the kind of rivalry to give you the energy to progress, there is a culture of feedback of compliments between us.

5 designers you think are worth having in your closet? Thamanyah, Raf Simons, Comme Des Garcons, Alexander Wang and Haider Ackermann. I don’t have any of their stuff in my personal closet but yes I think those are worth having in any closet.

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