In the closet of Frida Kahlo

Like going through a thrift store, Japanese artist Ishiuchi Miyako ventured to self portrait painter and feminist icon, Frida Kahlo's hometown of Mexico City to go through her left behind closet and capture never seen before clothing items of the artist. Miyako who's been beautifully photographing collections since the 70's, travelled to Mexico in 2011 to discover the late painters personal items of clothes, shoes and other objects, having been hidden away in a spare bathroom. When Frida died in 1954, the artist's home called 'The Blue House', as it is literally a blue house, turned into a 'Museo Frida Kahlo', and became one of the famous places to visit when in Mexico. 68 year old Miyako states that “Frida always receives attention for her extraordinary aspects, but coming into contact with her ordinary side greatly sparked my imagination and inspired me". Although not continuing Miyako's traditional style of artistry, the photographers work reveals her effective obsession with the traces that humans leave behind as both individuals and as a society. Documenting an intimate side of the eccentric artist that the world never knew, Miyako's photographs will be on display at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London from May 14th- July 12th.

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