5 minutes with Kelly Cutrone

When we called PR guru, Kelly Cutrone, she picked up, and here's what she had to say. 'Hi, this is Kelly'......

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Breathe (laughs), I take a second to orient myself and then I usually balance and become conscious of the Devine and then check on my daughter and make sure she’s okay. Then I walk my dog, my husky.

How many coffees does it take you to get through the day? The thing with coffee and me is, I’ll order a lot but then I’ll only drink a quarter or half of it. I’ll just order it and leave it on my desk because I’m so busy. I don’t have a rule about coffee, I think it’s an amazing drink, it’s cheap and it works- and it supports a lot of really cool countries like Ethiopia, Jamaica, Hawaii, Costa Rica, France and Italy. I mean what’s not to like about supporting places like that? I try to do my part and I think everyone else should as well.

What’s the best and the worst thing about running your own PR company? The best thing about it is that it’s a very personalized journey and you’re usually along with great people, who are joining you and you’re the creator and leader of that journey- and that’s also simultaneously the worst thing (laughs). I don’t think entrepreneurialism is for everyone, but really it’s the only thing I know. There are times where I’d really love the comfort of knowing where my next $50-100,000 is coming from, or knowing there’s going to be a cheque for me every week. I’ve had such an amazing experience as the woman who owns her own business and it’s been a real privilege to own Peoples Revolution for as long as I have, and frankly its been a miracle that I’ve been able to do it (laughs). I’m not as smart as everyone thinks I am. I have a pretty good intuition and I’m pretty fearless so that’s kind of made up for other things.

Who do you think the most relevant person is in fashion today? Ultimately, the consumer. It’s hard, because there’s so many different designers, to me in the bridal world, someone like Vera Wang is still very relevant and brands like Saint Laurent or Lanvin and Balenciaga are all still very relevant- in that type of luxury/bridal world, and obviously in Prêt-à-Porter. Then there’s people like Jeremy Scott and right now I’m obsessed with KTZ, I mean I work with them, I sent out their looks and my colleagues went to do it, and that’s the first time I haven’t really gone for a big show that I do- its because my team is so good I don’t need to be there. But ultimately, the most relevant person in fashion is the customer, because if they don’t want to buy it, then you don’t have a business.

Who are the top designers in your closet? Well I don’t know if you know this, but I tend to have the same look forever (laughs). My go to designers are Yohji Yamamoto, Sonia Rykiel, Donna Karen, Dries Van Noten and Margiela. I’m really into Acne for shoes and I love Azzedine and Giuseppe Zanotti. Then into my move over world, it’s like Jeremy Scott and KTZ. For jewelry I really love Hermes, a lot, and now my daughters into it, she’s 13, and so I have to go and buy her a $600 Hermes bracelet and three pairs of jeans from Abercrombie. I mean I always like to say buy stuff that you can actually re-sell you know what I mean? I also love Westwood; I’ve worked with Vivienne forever.

Have you ever had to cry and go outside? Yeah! Okay, lets talk about this ‘if you have to cry, go outside’ moment. In the office, out of gratitude, like if your happy- there’s so many different types of crying, it’s absolutely allowed. If your family member or animal dies, and you’re in the office, that’s absolutely allowed. Here’s my idea of what’s not allowed; ‘OMG you just accidently donated a collection that was supposed to go back to a designer, to a thrift store by accident!’ and now you’re going to sit there and cry in the office? Be quiet, get in the car, find out where the distribution center is and go through every garbage bag until you find that collection and come back! And DO NOT CRY! Sometimes I just think crying is just a way of asking not to deal with the situation. If you’ve made a mistake, woman up, take responsibility and take care of it. Also, if you’re sitting there crying about it, none of your co-workers want to hear your voice either. I understand wanting to cry, over the years I’ve cried so much, my feelings have been hurt so many times or my expectations weren’t met- it really sucks! It’s like a break up, like when your 18, you think you’ve fallen from the tree of love and you smash on the pavement. By the time your 40, you’re like ‘YES- too bad it didn’t work out’, just sing to Sinead O’Connor and dance around in your underwear, whilst jumping around. You’ve just got to move forward.

Why do you think people are so afraid of hearing the truth? There’s a lot of reasons for this, the first thing is because humanity has spent thousands of years building up cell systems to allow themselves to exist in mediocrity and not progress. Some of them now are so ridiculous it’s just insane; the truth is we’re all equal. If one of my clients are paying $500 for a front row ticket because the shows are so expensive, and some person who’s not even invited has decided with their ego to go sit in that seat. And then I kick them out and give it to the invited guest that it was meant for, and I put on a killer fashion show, I get called so many names! But if this were the Super Bowl or some soccer league, this would be completely different. People have equated the word ‘feminine’ to mean skinny, pretty, nice, agreeable, and quiet.

What’s your all time favorite meal? I’d have to probably say, either spaghetti, or pizza or veal parmesan- it’s got to be something in the Italian family. Translation? An extreme carb overload!

What’s your secret of surviving Fashion Week? I have really good rules that are in place for Fashion Week. I have a rule that I make no major decisions about my private life for 60-90 days pre or post Fashion Week, so that’s almost the whole year. But for sure, I never make any major decisions three weeks before or after and during Fashion Week, ever, ever, ever! So if I’m in a relationship or having an argument with someone, I won’t talk to them about it, and I’ll tell them ‘Listen, I’m not in a place to have this conversation, from a place of emotion, I’m exhausted and I can’t really speak for myself right now’.

‘Now that I’ve accomplished a lot of my own personal things, I want to do things to encourage young women to do that. I would rather do that than produce a fashion show, you know what I’m saying?’

‘If you guys wanna start a fashion revolution call me’

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