The most Insta-worthy gallery: The Serpentine 2015

The neon coloured igloo in the middle of Kensington Gardens has become home to London's favorite galleries, The Serpentine. As part of it's collaboration with Spanish architects 'SelgasCano' it’s a celebration for their 15th anniversary of the yearly project. Playing reference to structure, light, shadows, colour, transparency and materials, The Serpentine Pavilion is the optimum Instagram moment this summer, with no filter needed. As one entrance isn't enough, four have been put in place to enter the innovative space, which has been made all from synthetic materials. Why is it shaped the way it is? The designers say "The whole pavilion for us was a kind of experiment, people ask us why we chose this shape, but the shape comes from trying to stretch the material as much as possible".

Continuing the celebration of this launch, the gallery will hold public talks as well as a series of events sponsored by Sweden's answer to all our wardrobe problems, COS. The plastic wrapped structure will open June 25th until October 18th #SerpentinePavilion

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