How not to look basic: The Vetements Edit

The saturated market of embellished dresses, heavily logo'd bags and red soles is getting boring, rephrase- has got boring and very, very basic. Now with upcoming brands that enter their way with alternative options of essential wear, the fashion cycle is becoming more and more open to pushing their limits on what to wear. Introducing, Vetements, the Parisian (of course) brand that's birthed a guide on how not to look basic, ever! With their Fall 2015 collection producing a narrative of constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed pieces, Vetements understands that 'the underground world' of fashion and it's experiments are key.

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The brand pushes the boundaries of androgyny with oversized hoodies and exaggerated jackets, reshaping the traditions of a feminine silhouette, emphasising their genderless ethos as a fashion institute. Playing evident reference to the youth of the underground world, texture plays a large role in the collection, with leather knee high boots, shearling coats and wool jumpers, Vetements has paved an industrial take on winter wear. Asymmetry and brutalism is seen, with references to the playful side of the 70's underground scene. Fun fact about the brand: It was formed by seven creatives that met whilst working at Maison Martin Margiela.

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