Nadine Goepfert: Matters of Habit

Berlin based textile designer, Nadine Goepfert, is the woman responsible for birthing a new and innovative 21st century way of looking at the relationship between human behaviour and clothing. The designer explores the raw origins of simplicity with her scientifically influenced collection 'Matters of Habit'. 'The garments are questioning the border between sculptural objects and garments comparing its form when in use and its existence in absence of the wearer.' Looking at the in depth movement of how clothes are positioned on and off the body, Goepfert relies solely on the conceptual narrative of open situations through the basis of textile designs and art instillations.

The collection itself is a development of her previous line 'The Garments May Vary' which was based around the daily usage of apparel and the associated movements of the person wearing it. However, 'Matters of Habit' is a more detailed observation of the interaction between two parties in a relatively natural habitat. Artistically pushing the lengths of usual fashion collections, Goepfert plays heavily with texture throughout the line, most noticeably with the clinical-esque latex 'Stretch' dress which highlights the importance of science throughout the collection. Want to be the ultimate 21st century candidate? Wear this!

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