How not to look basic: The Glossier Edit

Describing themselves as a 'girl powered company that's on a mission to rethink beauty' Glossier is one of the few make up brands that will genuinely make you want to invest into beauty. The not so basic line of masks, moisturisers and more madness of minerals and vitamins, Glossier, the most Instagram worthy make up brand, has set a new standard of how to embrace the realness rather than covering it up. Founded by Emily Weiss, aka the 'super intern' from The Hills and former Vogue fashion assistant, has created the ultimate beauty line without making you leave your house looking like a fully frosted cake. Celebrating the freedom of one's beauty, here's a breakdown of why you need to add these products to your cart.

1. Your lips won't be a chapped mess, thanks to this coconut goodness.

2. You can accessorise your products with a sticker party on every purchase.

3. You won't look like you belong in a Magnolia Bakery stand, courtesy of the Perfect Skin tint.

4. It's been Man Repeller approved.

5. You can do it with your eyes closed, it's seriously that simple.

Want a box full of summer greatness?

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