How not to shop basic: The Harvey Nichols Edit

Slicker than your average retail experience, Knightsbridge based Harvey Nichols honours ones shopping fantasies and makes it a literal reality. Quintessentially one of London's most famous retail landmarks, Harvey Nichols is the first class deck of all department stores, thanks to it's endless list of stocked brands, innovative and Instagram worthy layout, as well as it's five floors of all round shopping greatness.

Taking seasonal characteristics and transporting that creatively throughout their notorious visual merchandising, the London based store is everything but basic. Why? They're constantly one step ahead, or in fashion terms, one season ahead. Either it be their straight off the catwalk collections, their promotions, or their boldly interactive marketing campaigns, Harvey Nichols has led the way to becoming the hub of all hubs to welcoming new members into your wardrobe. Predicting what you'll be wearing months in advance, the Harvey Nichols team has discovered the future of fashion and have laid it all out for you, literally, or hung it.

Another reason why it's cooler than stepping into a stand alone store? You get to eat, get your hair done and shop all under one roof, now that's three Instagram posts alone just in one department store #yourwelcome. Also, you get to create your own wardrobe right there and then thanks to their VIP Style Concierge, aka the Mode offices from Ugly Betty that's been transported to London and set up for you to enjoy the benefits of giving your credit card to Harvey Nichols and no one else.

Coming to the end of your retial experience and heading back home? Well the perks of being an international customer at Harvey Nichols is that you get to have Tax Free shopping, courtesy of Premier Tax Free one of the world's leading shopping companies that makes your currency conversions, VAT refunds and all round shopping experience much easier and much faster.

If your not currently on your way to Harvey Nichols right now, browse them the virtual way here


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