5 minutes with James Goldstein

He's the most mysterious man of fashion that lives between the notorious 'Sheats Goldstein Residence', a basketball court and a Saint Laurent show. Living vicariously through his Instagram, James Goldstein, has taken his love of basketball, fashion and architecture and made his life possibly the most camera worthy life of all. He's the 21st century cowboy that's paving way for a new era of style, architecture and all round coolness, James Goldstein speaks to TFH about his infamous Hollywood Hills home, the most relevant people in fashion, and why he had to build a second closet.

What do you have for breakfast? I usually eat a light breakfast, with a freshly squeezed orange juice, a few small slices of melon, and half a sweet roll.

What’s the one thing you rely on to get you through the day? The concept of 'getting through the day’ doesn't occur to me because my days are very enjoyable.

Your house is iconic, what’s your favorite thing about it? I like so many things about my house, including my pride in knowing that I played a very active roll in creating it.

How many jackets do you currently have in your closet? I haven't counted my jackets, but there are hundreds of them. So many that I recently had to build a second closet.

Who’s the most relevant person in fashion today? For me the most relevant people today are Hedi Slimane from Saint Laurent and Olivier from Balmain.

Top 5 designers in your closet? The designers who dominate the 40 year collection of clothes in my closet are Jean Paul Gauthier, Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Claude Montana, and Gianni Versace.

Who are the most influential figures in your life and why? At this point in my life, I cannot point to any influencing figures. I feel that perhaps I am influencing others.

How would you describe the current state of the fashion industry? I feel that the fashion industry is in the public eye today more than it has ever been because of how strong social media is, fashion telecasts, and the explosion of fashion weeks in numerous countries throughout the world.

What’s your usual weekend regime? My weekend regime is really not that different from the rest of my week. If I am in Los Angeles, I typically play some tennis, do some reading, watch some basketball, do some architectural planning, and entertain a few friends or go to a party.

Best and worst thing about being James Goldstein? I prefer to let other people decide my best and worst qualities.

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