Natto Franco Fall Winter 2015

The Japanese culture has become one of the most influential of all, inspiring the designs of the brains behind predominantly street wear brands, Japan is forming an experimental era for the 21st century youth. Hence why NattoFranco's latest Fall Winter 2015 collection, which discovers the core of 21st century Japanese street culture, is everything. Divorcing itself from the norm, this collection has generated an unparalleled style to the heavily saturated commercial market of today. With it's alternative outlook on Japanese culture and it's directional designs for both identities of it's Parisian and Japanese heritage, NattoFranco is undeniably creating functional wear, by tapping into a different, more forward thinking ideology.

Crafting the synergy between the 90's and today's modern era, NattoFranco relives the much adorned look of exposed midriffs and oversized jeans, reinforcing the continuous fashion cycle, but in a much less expected way. Playing complement to Raf Simons' in the 90's with an evident fashion flashback of graphic jackets, sweatpants and tee's, it has landed the brand to be called the 'Digital age of Japanese Streetwear'. The genderless collection highlights that femininity can be achieved without the recourse of ruffles, pleats or any form of a 50's housewife reference. The collection is a canvas recreated as a 90's wild child to a modern risk taker, with it's fresh offerings for the 21st century urban youth.

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