5 minutes with The Peach Kings

LA based duo, Paige Wood and Steven Dies, also known as The Peach Kings, have elevated a sound of dynamic indie rock, whom describe themselves as a mixture of 'The Kills, Led Zeppelin and Nancy Sinatra'. With that fruitful mix in the basket, you have a 21st century sound which is raw, almost hypnotic and holds clear reference to the soulful blues era. Done so carefully in a gritty formation, their sound will keep you pressing repeat.

Images: The Peach Kings

What’s the first thing that wakes you up in the morning? Usually an alarm set for an hour before we need to get out of bed. We plan on snoozing at least 4 times every morning. Or the neighbors dogs barking at the neighborhood cats, that will wake us up. Either way, it’s early.

How many coffees does it take to get through the day? Steven: 2-3 cups black. Paige: 3-4 cups tea.

When and where was the birth of The Peach Kings? It happened over time and space, but if we were to pin it down to a single moment, it would probably be when we first met in San Francisco in 2010. We sort of knew from the first time we met that we were going to be in a band, and we found out later that it was The Peach Kings.

Your sound is extremely unique, how would you sum up your artistry to the 21st century? Staying true to our aesthetic, which is pretty simple and stripped down to the bare necessities. We write with that in mind; rather than thinking about what parts a new song needs, we start with what we think it doesn’t need. We also try to conjure up an image, place, scene, character, plot as we write; so that we have a sort of movie in our head for which we then get to write the soundtrack.

We discovered you whilst shopping in Saint Laurent in Abu Dhabi, how does that make you feel, knowing your music is played a million miles away from your home? It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that our sound aligns with tastes all over the world, especially in the fashion industry which is one area where we get lots of inspiration. We think of our music in a cinematic and visual way, so when designers are able to draw from and connect to that, it becomes a creative loop where it’s impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Do you work closely with Saint Laurent? We have heard that our music has been played in a few of the Saint Laurent stores and to say that we are flattered would be an understatement. We would love to score an original piece of music for Saint Laurent. They have definitely been a major player in shaping the state of fashion as we know it, so to deny their influence on our look and sound would be foolish. In that sense, we work intimately with lots of designers, photographers, directors, and brands, whether they know it or not. Paige also started her musical career in New York and performed for a number of designers during fashion week. So you could say fashion has played a large role overall for the inspiration of our sound.

5 things in your closet you can’t live without? Paige: Super-high waist black denim, black leotard, Mandate of Heaven jumpers, leather boots, my dad’s bomber jacket. Steven: APC denim, cowboy boots, basic black T, Argentine leather jacket, P.Johnson tailored suit.

Tell us something no one knows about one another? Steven: I have a knack for remembering movie lines. I don’t know why it is, but I can quote entire dialogues from movies I’ve seen ten years ago. Pretty weird, kind of cool. Paige: Before doing music full time, I was doing set design and set dressing. It’s something that I love which I can tie directly to my mother. When I was younger, my mom would often surprise me and rearrange my room so it would be like walking into a totally new place. It taught me to see spaces in different ways. I still put it to use in our home and our garden; rearranging our creative spaces keeps them fresh and it definitely improves our mood when we’re writing new music.

Two artists you’d love to work with and why? David Lynch because his use and choice of music with beautiful imagery on film has always been an influence on our sound and process. We also want to work with Drew Barrymore again! She took our photo for V magazine a couple years ago and we love her.

You recently wrapped up your new album, what can our ears prepare for? A tragic tale of time and space. Two lovers standing in the mist. They don't need much but have everything. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

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