The Face Edit: Freja Beha Erichsen

Telegraphing the 'model off duty' look so androgynously well, Danish born, Freja Beha Erichsen has a face of raw beauty and the wardrobe that everyone wants. Keeping her make up to a minimum, and being Alexa Chung's hair twin, the 27 year old bare faced beauty shares her everyday routine on how to achieve her signature nonchalant coolness.

Face- "My make up regime is really simple. I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O to wash my face, and I exfoliate only once a week. For moisturiser I usually use an oil free one, but that's about it. I always make sure after photo shoots and shows I wash off all the make up. I am quite "natural" in the sense that I do not worry too much about the way I look and I like a casual look. I do not wear make-up if I do not need to. If I do wear make up, the foundation I use is Cle de Peau and for the evening I like to put on black kohl on my eyes and sometimes a red velvet lip."

Hair- "My hair isn't coloured and I normally cut it myself. It's funny that people think I have a good haircut because I've chopped it for years in my own bathroom. But the good thing about my job is that I'm fortunate to work with the best hairdressers in the industry, so often on a shoot they'll do something to it."

Body- "I've learnt that power naps are key for my health. Of course eating healthy is essential, I love fruits as they're full of vitamins, but power naps do make a big difference. As for exercise I prefer going for long walks than yoga, but if I do do yoga I do it by myself and not in a class. Walking relaxes me and brings a really good balance to my hectic professional life. But recently I got a personal trainer that I see twice a week, it's more of a health thing than a vanity thing- I want to be able to tie my shoelaces when I'm 75."

Scent- I wear perfume every day, both on my neck and wrist. I wear a lighter fragrance in the day and musky at night. To generalise my favorite scents, I love jasmine, wood and lavender, it makes me think of being a kid and walking through the lavender fields in the South of France."

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