Loewe: The only relevant brand today

The techniques of current creative director, JW Anderson have made Loewe the streets most worn and loved brand of 2015. Creating a new genre of futurism, colour blocking and structure, the Irish designer's philosophy around the Spanish house has become an evident reflection of todays transitioning times. Shifting the perception of the brand, Jonathan has creatively built a movement of fashion expanding the once classic Loewe community to now boundary pushing individuals.

The brand that was known predominantly for it's accessories and handbags has now become a fully functioning ready to wear house, thanks to 31 year old Anderson. The ingredients for Loewe's 21st century success? Chewing into the future of the youth culture through innovative designs and conceptual forms of rebranding. Understanding todays fashion currency to the point of translation of juxtapositioning designs, Anderson has created a modern pathway for the typical conventions of fashion to be adapted in an almost revolutionary way. Maintaining his signature Andersonion codes of knitwear, strong asymmetrical structures and draped necklines, the lack of Spanish references makes it even more intriguing to his success at the Spanish house.

Producing collections with a high level of fit, form and fabrication, JW plays heavily with layering, most notably with longer dresses over wide leg trousers, highlighting his concept of tapping a new, forward thinking market. Unconventionally designed, but cohesively relevant, Loewe has become a questionable brand of who the exact client is. Synergising the future of fashion, through the ability of playing with the conception of arts and crafts and not being commercially driven by the cult of celebrities and the digital era, Jonathan Anderson has made the future now, and now the future.

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