5 things to know about Jack Kilmer

He portrayed the indie youth in James Franco's Palo Alto movie, he's the son of actor Val Kilmer and he's that 19 year old boy that walks Saint Laurent shows. This is Jack Kilmer and here's five things you need to know about this 21st century Cali-kid.

1. Hedi Slimane loves him- After Kilmer walked the SS 15 Psych Rock show, the creative director wanted to keep him on and shoot him for the permanent collection, guess those are the perks of having a natural pout and shaggy hair.

2. He's half British- his mum is English actress Joanne Whalley, hence the great genetics.

3. His bedroom in Palo Alto was his actual room #realism

4. He's recorded four albums that have yet to be released, but one of his songs does appear in Palo Alto.

5. He doesn't have Instagram, so you can't double tap.

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