Rosetta Getty Fall 2015

Rarity in an industry that's consumed by selfies, dollar signs and celebrity endorsements, brands with an ideological perspective on clothing is hard to fish out the capitalist pond. Avoiding the norm, particularly by promoting the man repelling look of 'skirts over trousers', Rosetta Getty states that she is "Bringing to life a season less versatility". The LA model turned designer has birthed a new breed of luxury, focusing on a clean, conceptual collection for unconventional winter wear. Playing with fabrics, silhouettes and dimensions, Getty focuses on a mixture of wearable clothing that she brilliantly transforms into stand alone pieces. Androgynous blazers, palazzo pants and texturised jumpers, the designer cleverly references the bohemian concept of wrapping and tying with oversized, tassel belts. The line creates a slicker than your average neutral colour palette that belongs in all our closets this Fall.

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