Kris Van Assche pauses label

The man behind making every Dior wearing male look as sleek as they do, has come to the point and is pressing pause on his own brand, Kris Van Assche, which ideally just so happens to be his name. The Belgian designer, also Theo Hutchcraft's long lost twin, set up his own eponymous label 10 years ago, birthing a new era of menswear, handcrafting brillance for the independent market. But, due to the over saturated, commercially hungry era we live in today, independent labels such as Kris's face hurdles to survive the ever evolving race. Breaking the news exlusively to WWD with a handwritten letter, the designer states "This wonderful adventure has reached a point where I feel the need to take a break and some distance to better think about how to develop my brand in the future. Times are tough for independent labels."

As the current artistic director for Dior Homme, aka the Raf Simons for the male side of the French house, Kris Van Assche will solely focus on his eight year helm at Dior Homme, and keep making the male population look better. But, his decision to leave an alternative brand to develop creativity for a mainstream one, questions the independent world of fashion and it's financial stability to survive. (Photo- Kris Van Assche SS15)

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