10 things you probably didn't know about Supreme

That New York based brand with the red background and white font has been one of the street's most loved and worn brands since 1994. Supreme has lead the way from 90's street wear to 21st century Tumblr users, and here's some self explanatory facts about the brand that you probably didn't know.

1. The Supreme logo takes visual inspiration from American artist, Barbara Kruger's work which is based solely around propaganda.

2. Supreme's first official in-house cookbook wasn't until 2009, 15 years after being in business.

3. The Founder of Supreme, James Jebba still worked at Stussy whilst running Supreme in the early 90's.

4. The famous font is Futura Heavy Oblique.

5. Calvin Klein filled a law suit against the brand for putting box stickers on their Kate Moss adverts in 1994.

6. James Jebba was a former child actor on a BBC Series called Grange Hill.

7. Supreme is not trademarked.

8. The brand produced their own line of shoes in 2011 and 2012.

9. There are legit kid-sized box logo tee's that were exclusively given to the friends and family of Supreme.

10. Supreme never releases there new collections all at one time. Only 'dropping' a handful of items, usually between 5-15 online, at 11am in America, UK and Japan. Hence the traffic stopping queues outside their stores when the collections eventually come in store.

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