How Spike Jonze predicted the future in 2013

As an ode to the future, surrealist, Spike Jonze wrote a film in 2013 that forever changed the perception of communication. Ignoring the Hollywood conventions, ‘Her’ starring Joaquin Phoenix was a relatively scary prediction for the future. As an act of voyeurism to how we may live, Jonze scheduled this through a contemporary and raw media outlet, with an insight into how technology will soon become the key asset to functioning as a human being. A portrayal of how emotionally desperate and isolated technology has and will continue to make the living, here’s 5 things that Spike Jonze predicted.

1. Technology will be the only method of entertainment

2. Fashion will no longer have relevance and you’ll most likely be wearing red

3. Communication will be in the form of a digitally advanced software

4. Selfie sticks won't last past 2015

5. There’ll be no cars meaning everyone will be walking everywhere

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