Is Fashion Week still relevant?

The multiplication of Fashion Weeks around the world and its sudden outburst of Insta hype leaves the industry questioning whether or not it holds any relevance anymore?

Image: DazedDigital Text and Edit: The Fashion Hub

Thanks to commericalisation, capitalism and the cult of celebrity, the 21st century has quickly liquidized the relevance of Fashion Week, and it’s stance as a once highly respected occasion. Why? Most obviously, fast fashion. Killing any form of reoccurring seasons, fast fashion has resulted in the industry no longer maintaining its pattern of four key periods by reacting to the market as apposed to forecasting it. Merely about instant trends that are accessible to the mass market, the depiction of fashion forecasting and trend analysis has also lost its significance. Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort stated that ‘This is the end of fashion as we know it. It’s governed by greed and not by vision. There’s no innovation anymore because of that.’ Hence why the battle of which designer can get which celebrity rather than which designer can create the most innovative and socially impactful collection has become pitiful.

Image: DazedDigital Text and Edit: The Fashion Hub

This fashion season, we saw J.W Anderson’s eye into the future, Rick Owens’ polysemic outlook on the strength of women, Saint Laurent once again stood for everything punk and everything 80’s prom, whilst Ellery did her obligatory thing of flaring it out. Taking a more commercial turn to the likes of Chanel, Balmain and Moschino, celebrity after celebrity, the drowning outcome of fashion week has resulted in a decline of exploration, exclusivity and any form of relation. Instead the one-month event has become somewhat of a laughing parody.

Nourishing the idea of what is left of Fashion Week, another key topic is the importance of reviews and editorial opinion. Are reviews worth reading anymore? Has the 21st century form of a review resulted in scrolling through Instagram feeds and reading someone’s try hard witty caption? Will there be a more tactical approach to redefining what was once the most forward thinking, artistic utopia? Or will the continuation keep happening in this copy paste generation?

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