How not to look basic: The ZDDZ Edit

London based, Russian born brand, ZDDZ shadows light against all things 'the norm'. Leading voyeurism into the dark world of depression, social and political issues and the youth of today, ZDDZ describes themselves as a "high-end clothing lifestyle brand that celebrates the power of graphic messaging applied to masculine streetwear influenced shapes".

Forming contextual happenings through the brands distressed garments, founder and designer; Dasha Selyanova also looks to the big city to draw visual aid to her collections. Road signs, advertisements and posters, trigger statements like 'Work Hard', 'Insecurity' and 'Love your nervous system'. Reinforcing the notion of reaction, not prediction, similar to Vivienne Westwood's punk movement in the 70's, the brand brings attention to the hypnotic world of the 21st century youth, specifically in Russia, focusing predominantly on teenage depression, anxiety and the survival process of it. Rediscovering a deeply rooted form of experimentation through boundary pushing statements, playful silhouettes and street friendly layering techniques, the house brings militarian references and flashbacks of a 90's school uniform, uncovering a new view on urban routines and graphic designs, constructing one of the rarest brands of today.

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