Why this is the creepiest fashion campaign, ever.

Image: @nicolasghesquiere

As if the world couldn’t get any more technologically enhanced, French fashion house, Louis Vuitton has just released a preview of their latest campaign ‘Series 4’ starring a very unrealistic digitally enhanced version of their target consumer. In the virtual world of fashion, nothing has been quite as creepy. Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director, Nicholas Ghesquiere took to Instagram to launch the controversial imagery.“We’re all confronted by the digital world in a good way and we’re influenced by cyber, influenced by the images that make us a dream or judge,” said Ghesquière “But at the same time we have this real life. And we’re all managing to have this real dimension. And that’s exciting. It’s a real reality influenced by the virtual world”.

Image: @nicolasghesquiere

The brand is stepping far out into the Japenese universe of sci-fi animations, courtesy of artist and digital designer Tetsuya Nomura who has done work in the past with other fashion houses such as Prada. However, this particular model, Lightening, is a renowned character from the video game franchise, Final Fantasy. The pink haired animation is much more digitally advanced than your average fashion model, which Ghesquiere continues to say, “I was thinking about this digital frontier, which I wanted to combine in harmony with the world of Louis Vuitton – the craft, the wardrobe. It’s an evocation of cyber, of what comes from digital – these characters or girls that are speaking to their generation.” Is this what we’re all going to aim to look like in 2016?

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