How Willy Vanderperre's short film captures today's youth

Image: Willy Vanderperre

The man responsible for creating every iconic fashion photograph, Willy Vanderperre, has redefined the perception of the anti-commercial youth and it's rebellious energy for the past 20 years. With his pre internet notion, Belgian born Wanderperre has debuted his short film 'Naked Heartland' that focuses on the tender development of teenagers in today's patronising society.

With a key vocal point on surbanan isolation, the short film captures the repression of young adults and how a laptop is the only form of escapism from the teenagers deprived reality. Vanderperre explains “I think there’s no big difference between my generation and the generation there is now, I think at that point everybody is still struggling with the same things. Except now there is a huge sense of isolation because social media almost dictates it, so that we isolate ourselves instead of reaching out to people.” Capturing the hunger for human interaction, the film follows the lives of three young people, Ann Jan and Rob, and there secluded lives in the urban area of Flanders, Belgium. An embodiment of a 'lost generation', the camera follows the teenagers in their enclosed surroundings of quiet bedrooms, with their curtains shut and only the sounds of nostalgic school buses and shouting kids. The cinematography gives an insight into the struggle of self identity, "These are late teenagers," Willy explains, "17/18 years old, the time you truly discover yourself, they're struggling with the problems that come with this age."

Today's youth is born out of a generation of high social expectations, that's sadly depicted by a good filter choice and follow count. But Belgian born creator, Vanderperre gives a voice to those who don't, for those who seek love, passion and acceptance, “They just want to be loved. At the end of the day that’s what you all want, to be loved by someone” says Willy Vanderperre“kids are isolated, so belonging is something that only exists in a virtual world; they are slaves to technology.”

Images: Willy Vanderperre

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