Iris Apfel launches wearable tech collection

Image: Wisewear

Slicker than your average 94 year old, Iris Apfel, has just announced she's launching a 'Wisewear' jewellery collection. As one of fashion's most forward thinking innovators, interior designer turned business woman turned style icon has collaborated with the company that specialises in luxury jewellery merged with the concept of wearable tech. Wanting to create something against the norm, Apfel explains “Most wearables are quite hideous, and I don’t run around in sweatpants." she continues “While technology is measured by the ability to invent something new, something novel, fashion is measured by the ability to introduce a design that can remain forever classic, novelty can compete with tomorrow, but to create something classic is timeless innovation.”

Image: Wisewear

The collection currently only consists of three bracelets: the “classic” Kingston, the “modern” Duchess and the “body and edgy” Calder. The style icon is already thinking ahead to expand the line, exploring more statement pieces with digitally enhanced characteristics for necklaces, brooches and mens accessories.

The point of having one of Apfel's $300 designs are your wrist? It can send out a distress signal, it also aims to track your step count, the distance you travel daily, and the number of calories all that movement burns. In layman's terms? An overpriced piece of jewellery to tell you how much more walking you really need to do. As technology moves at the speed of light, will these luxe pieces take off to a 21st century digitally driven market? Perhaps, maybe, it's questionable.

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