How to make your feet happy: Mari Giudicelli

Model, turned muse, Mari Giudicelli has now ventured out to designing shoes, good shoes. The New York based Brazilian uses vintage references and modern minimalism to create her wearable footwear collection that will be available later this month. “My only style rule is comfort. I’m all about utilitarianism. And today we are surrounded by fashion that is totally impractical. As a shoemaker I really appreciate shoes that are comfortable, healthy and beautiful and that’s a very hard thing to find."

Having spent hours in her studio making prototypes by hand, Giudicelli is now taking her talent and producing her shoe line in her native Brazil at a family run factory. Working from her Brooklyn apartment, the shaggy haired model that recently graduated from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology will be launching a four shoe Spring collection. The line will consist of an ankle boot, a mule, a block heel and a loafer. What to expect from the model slash muse slash footwear designer? A more affordable version of The Row.

Image: Mari Giudicelli

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