First look at Daphne Guinness' new music video

Image: Luca Pizzaroni

48 year old English heiress, muse and singer, Daphne Guinness, has just released her music video ' The Long Now'. A track from her debut album, Optimist in Black, the self expressionist, most notorious for her heel-less platforms and skunk inspired hair, Guinness said “I was always a musician and music was my first love. I wanted to be a musician above and beyond all else. I had gained a place at the Guildhall School of Music before my marriage and everything else took hold,”.

Far from the 21st century indie pop culture, Guinness reveals David Bowie played a large role in the creation of her latest music venture, stating "David Bowie gave me the confidence to do this". Staying true to her British roots, from the overly annunciated lyrics and tops hats, the video follows the style icon as she dollies with the camera with her extraterrestrial different coloured eyes through the whimsically lit streets of the city.

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