J.W Anderson launches his own Workshops

Image: Mark Flower

In an attempt to unite commerce and culture, Jonathan Anderson has opened up retail 'Workshops' next to the Ace Hotel, London. A concept that originated from the Bloomsbury Groups Omega Workshops, Anderson will be having a continuous collaboration between himself and a creative group of individuals that will produce something new and purchasable each month. Believing that opening a stand alone flagship store is too forced for a brand as young as J.W Anderson, the designer speaks to Business of Fashion stating “I don’t believe a brand our age should be opening a flagship store, it feels forced. We’re too young, we shouldn’t be operating outside of our means.”

As the current creative director of Spanish brand Loewe as well as his own brand, J.W Anderson, under both helms the Irish creator looks far into the future and brings it to the present, which is exactly the current objective of these workshops. "We don't live in a luxury world, but a cultural world — where we have to create more experience. The luxury environment just isn’t personalised anymore.” The 250 square foot space that currently has the rainbow colour palette as it's choice of interior, is thanks to it's first collaborator, Luis Venegas, a Spanish magazine publisher. “Jonathan gave me total creative freedom to work on a project, so I decided to try something new, not just my usual work as an editor."

Continuously changing the futuristic cycle of fashion, Jonathan Anderson has now changed the way interaction happens between the culture of art, fashion and commerce by uniting creative individuals in a confined yet communal space.

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