Raf Simons AW16

Marking the 20th anniversary of his namesake brand, Raf Simons welcomed the Autumn Winter season with a collection dedicated to American visual artist and director, David Lynch.

Post Dior, Simons maintained his obligatory primary colour palette, but not so obligatory aesthetic. A collection based on the American youth, Simons brought his surrealist nightmare to life with the juxtaposing of heavy and light fabrics of oversized college-like sweaters marked with bold letters, distressed jumpers and overly inflated puffa jackets. The predominantly frayed collection was based purely around Raf's obsession with the dark side of dreaming “I always think about nightmares,” he continues “I’m always interested in horror movies. Making beautiful things and having this beautiful simple life and something goes wrong, something’s weird, something’s dark.”

Pre internet times, and sticking to his love of the rebellious youth, the theme continued with the reconceptulisation of the American college culture through blue and red tones, chunky lines and excessive layering. But the question is raised of 'if there is any contemporary relevance to the collection?' Oversized uniforms of the idealism of American youth has been seen, walked, stocked and bought many times pre-Raf Fall 2016.

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