Dover Street Market is no longer Dover Street Market

Rei Kawakubo's six floor conceptual retailer, Dover Street Market, is closing its doors and will no longer hold it's convenient name to it's location. The creative space most notorious for it's visual merchandising, has already began it's deconstruction phase which is being documented the 21st century way, via Another magazine's Instagram. The new location will be situated in the original Burberry building from 1911 in Piccadilly Circus, i.e the hub of all things tourists. Vice President, Dickon Bowden commented on the move saying "We look forward to continuing our expansion which is three times larger than the existing premises.”

So what does it this mean for Dover Street, both the store and the street? After it was released that the companies profits dipped to £1.4 million in 2015, after their expansion to Tokyo and New York, is moving the best business decision? Or will the flock of tourists in their new, less upscale location let them meet their financial targets? in the meantime follow Another on Instagram to see weekly sneak previews of the new DSM in the making.

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