5 things Maryam Nassir Zadeh is doing right

Image: MNZ

Iranian born, New York based entrepreneur, Maryam Nassir Zadeh has proved that there still is hope of originality in the fashion industry. Oblivious to the current state of the capitalist markets, Zadeh's neo minimalist approach to life has provided a gateway for a new genre of style as an almost bohemian rebirth of 21st century fashion. Describing her concept store as "a space that is not only about fashion, but also everything that surrounds a person" and her personal line as "Classic, but not conservative", here's 5 things she's doing right-

She presents a paradox of worthy designers in her boutique, that don't have red soles or oversized double C's on them.

Her imagery is captured in the rawest of forms, saying no to photoshop and pore less skin.

She challenges basics not to basic.

Practicality is a huge part of her design process as well as stocked brands.

She's very culturally relevant, by crossing boundaries with her silhouettes and fabrications.

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