Saint Laurent and it's celebrity sons

Video: Saint Laurent

Pierce Brosnan, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman, and now Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have all witnessed their sons becoming the face of Saint Laurent. In the lead up to the brands highly anticipated Los Angeles show at The Palladium next week, Hedi Slimane has debuted his seasonal muse for the brands video portrait series.

Eighteen year old surfer and guitarist, Dylan Lee was first photographed by Slimane in his LA based studio in 2015, and is now fronting the French labels latest Fall 2016 video montage, playing guitar on the Californian beach, embodying Saint Laurent's love of 'The Cali-Kid'. Questionably, has Saint Laurent become the latest brand to join the capitalist movement? Using 'undiscovered' celebrities that are still biologically celebrities, Hedi Slimane is slowly but surely keeping up with the rest of fashion by using the power of fame. Although, the Parisian born brand follows the commercial pathway in a covert way, Saint Laurent's recent venture is a reassurance of the hunger of 21st century fashion.

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