Prada's 'Real Fantasies' is probably the best thing ever

For SS16, Prada got conceptual with AMO, a research and design studio, who created a short film presenting the houses most recent collection. The animated look book called 'Real Fantasies' took 21st century graphics to the next level, merging visual shapes and illustrative imagery together. "Characters move through a neutral scene between the undefined and distilled fragments of daily life," AMO said. "The horizon and scale constantly shifts, manipulating the frame and disrupting a linear sequence: an artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide."

The architectural renderings of Prada's current collection highlights the brands conceptual references season after season, especially in the mini movie. Set in a three dimensional blank space, the video was dollied via geometric objects and random furniture, with models going about their day to day life, as the not so realistic landscape moves behind them. Watch the full video here.

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