Vetements is combining menswear and womenswear fashion shows

Image: New York Times

After Burberry announced that they will be combining their men and womenswear catwalk shows together, the Parisian based label Vetements, also released that they will be doing the same. However, unlike Burberry, Vetements don't plan on sticking to the current fashion calendar, instead creative director, Demna Gvasalia will present his collection in January, two months prior to Paris Fashion Week- why? So that it will give the clothes more time in stores before sale season starts.

"Showing men's and women's at the same time connects us to real life. Today, men wear womenswear and women dress in men's clothes. Gender is not a given fact anymore; a person has the right to choose one. Times change. Splitting genders in two is against the natural flow of today's reality," CEO Guram Gvasalia, Demna's brother, tells Vogue, adding that, "Apart from the philosophical point of view, in fact, it saves money and time for everyone, starting with brands to buyers and press".

"Today, retailers spend 70 to 80 percent of their budget on pre-collections, so the main collections become less relevant," Guram explains. "Collections shown in March can only get delivered in July, or perhaps September or October. The U.S. retailers go on sale right after Thanksgiving. Therefore, main collections stay on the floor to sell at full price, for eight weeks on average. Bringing back the main collections from March to January will result in extending the shelf life of the clothes for an additional four months".

Demna Gvasalia who's most recent show was held at a Chinese takeaway, will be showcasing his first collection as the new creative director at Balenciaga during next month's Paris Fashion Week.

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