Did Lacoste just unexpectedly change fashion?

Image: @dazedfashion

Notorious for their sports wear and everyone's favorite little crocodile, Lacoste took the house another level this season. Showcasing at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2016, the designer explored a "futuristic ski vibe" merging a youthful take on covetable pieces. Going through the archives and referencing the brand circa 1970, Baptista gave retro-futurism a new pathway with PVC ponchos (not the Ugly Betty kind), track pants, and a psychedelic padded suit. The classic polo shirt made a short but memorable appearance, this time in bright orange PVC with a matching a line skirt, that screamed everything to do with 21st century dynamic feminism. ​

The fashion flashback continued with an even further dig into the archives, since Lacoste provided the French Olympic Team with uniforms in the sixties, it was only right for the house to re-live it. Juxtapositioning with heavy and light fabrics, the collection saw knit dresses, pants and zipped turtle necks under sweaters labelled "UNE CROCODELLE" and for the men "100% CROCO, UN CROCODILE". The men's pieces channeled street wear, with oversized sweatshirts and matching sweatpants, labelled with the Lacoste logo. Although, 2016 street fashion was on Baptista's mind throughout the production phase, the seventies reference was highlighted through the use of colour blocking, as the collection continued with reversible coats and casual parkas.

So why in particular has this Fall 2016 collection made a difference in fashion? Because six year running creative director, Felipe, saw the need for new and innovative sports luxe street wear that didn't make anyone cringe with hungry street style references, he imagined it, drew it, probably went on Pinterest at some point, pinned it, drew some more, manufactured it and sent it down the runway. The most unexpected part of it all? It was so unexpected!

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