10 things you probably didn't know about Wes Anderson

Image: Shutter Shock

American filmmaker, Wes Anderson has created some of the most extraordinary movies of all time. Usually saturated to the warmest of hues, the 46 year old director, producer and actor is renowned for his cinematic visuals, his covert comedy and non linear narratives. If you didn't know all ready, here's 10 things about Wes Anderson that you probably should know-

1. Most of his characters in his films are named after real people from his high school in Houston, Texas.

2. The colour palettes he uses in his films have their own Tumblr account.

3. His style of cinematography has inspired real life interior designers, especially when it comes to wallpaper.

4. Members of the hotel staff in “Grand Budapest Hotel” were real-life hospitality workers, not actors.

5. Anderson was expelled from his private school in tenth grade

6. Every film he's ever produced was formed from either music, literature or paintings.

7. Anderson designed a cafe in Milan.

8. In one of his films, Darjeeling Limited, actress Natalie Portman traveled overseas to India to shoot a half an hour scene.

9. He loves symmetry, hence why all is props and characters are in a consistently uniformed manner.

10. Anderson and actor Owen Wilson were roommates at the University of Texas at Austin, where they began writing Bottle Rocket.

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