How Heich Blade is changing Korean fashion

All Images: Heich Blade

As one of the most developing countries to forecast the future of fashion, South Korea has introduced a new level of style through their visual experimentations and unparalleled designs, Heich Blade being one of them. A diffusion line under the larger label 'Heich Es Heich', is a glorification of all things youth which is represented through their casual approach to everyday urban street wear. Just like society itself, the brand is evolving with time, letting their clothes react with what's going on as apposed to predict. Turtle neck sweaters labelled 'Less Relaxed', and geometric shapes with scientific lettering printed on coats and jumpers are their signature features. With a rebirth of the lost generation, Heich Blade divorces themselves from the norm and emphasises that through their continuous theme of understated androgyny, which nourishes the idea of rarified society.

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