James Goldstein's house is being donated to a museum

Image: scpr

Shocking but true. LA's most famous house known for it's contemporary architecture is no longer style icon, James Goldstein's. The house that is basically a five bedroom and four bathroom work of art, is now being handed over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in hope of encouraging people to build more architecturally creative homes. Goldstein spoke about his decision stating “Los Angeles should represent a city that’s contemporary and moving into the future. I want people to build houses in a way that haven’t been done before that are moving into the future instead of the past, so I hope my house is an inspiration for that kind.”

When James spoke to TFH about his Sheats Goldstein Residence, that Charlie's Angels was party filmed in, he said "I like so many things about my house, including my pride in knowing that I played a very active roll in creating it." Built between 1961 and 1963 by American architect John Lautner, the 4500 sq ft house includes everything from an indoor nightclub, a light installation by artist James Turrell, the most Insta- worthy view and a closet full of Saint Laurent. The house which will soon be open to the public to view said “No matter what the taste of people is, whether they like contemporary architecture or not, when they come through this house, their mouths drop open and they all seem to love it."

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