Mari Giudicelli debuts her shoe collection

Image: @_oliviala_

Model, muse and now shoe designer, Mari Giudicelli has finally launched her much anticipated footwear collection. Brazilian born, Giudicelli showcased her eponymous shoe line at her New York showroom, consisting of mainly mules, the designer speaks about her choice of designs “I’m really intrigued by the anatomy of our feet and how they work, I don’t do really high heels. I’m not against it, but I think you need to be healthy. I’m trying to support that — for ladies to be comfortable and more confident while walking around and doing their tasks.”

The ex graphic designer, drew references from the likes of Marni and Prada for her debut collection and explains that her shoes are a form of empowerment for women through comfortable luxury footwear. After resetting shoe factories all over the world from Argentina, to China and Italy, the the bare faced beauty stuck to her native land of Brazil where she found a family run business to help build her future empire. Classic mules and suede flats to bring light to anything but a red sole.

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