Matmos made their entire album with a washing machine

Image: I-D

Experimental band, Matmos has created a new genre of music by using an unconventional tool of sound; a washing machine. The American based duo made up of Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel are known for their boundary less way of creating music through their unique and melodic sound. Their latest album entitled 'Ultimate Care II', was produced entirely from the sounds generated from their washing machine in the basement of their Baltimore home.

The band described their use of a washing machine as "It's a great self-contained system that has all the elements of music in it. We make all our records at our home and we record in the basement. It's where the bicycle is, and it's where the kitty litter box is, and it's where the washing machine is, so it's kind of ready to rock." The drone-based compositions go with it's video 'Ultimate Care II Excerpt Nine' which is a hypnotic visualisation of the washing machine. The animations was created by Ed Apodaca and Lisa Beghout who described the video as "a focus to create pastoral, aerial and clothing scenes inside front and top loaders that will move and or fall apart with the spinning of the machine, generating a surreal take on washers and their uncanny movement. I mapped textures to cubes with an abstract washing machine front and back to further personify the machines."

Using organic and non-linear sounds to their work, both Drew and Martin mentioned that they want to explore other sounds such as field recordings they made throughout their travels in Beijing and Istanbul.

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